Warnings When Downloading DLL Files

When you’re faced with a difficult problem with an application, it’s easy to become caught up in the rush to fix it and lose one’s sense of good judgement. In today’s technology age, viruses are so common that, even with anti-virus software, the odds of a given computer being infected at some point are 1 in 9 as opposed to 1 in 1000 a decade ago. As such precautions should be taken when downloading dll files to fix programs especially considering the privileged environment in which they run. They can do a lot of damage. When you access a site that offers dll files for download be careful.

1) Look at the site and judge for yourself if it looks well-put-together.

2) Scan dll files downloaded IMMEDIATELY before unpacking them.

3) Scan the dll file itself again to be on the safe side.

Even then, a dll file may be corrupt but the odds of malware infection are greatly reduced.

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