Common Causes of DLL File Errors

A variety of causes exist for these annoying dll errors the most common of which is the replacement of a working dll file with an older one by a program installation or the removal of such a file during a program’s uninstallation. Also a possible cause is damage done by malware, such as a virus deleting crucial dll files from your computer. Yet another way for a dll file to become corrupt is a hardware problem, usually with the hard disk, that causes data loss.

In all these cases, the problem is usually resolved by downloading and reinstalling the necessary files. A number of articles are available on how to do so.

DLL File Corruption

With so many dll files being used all the time during your computer’s normal function, damage to said files is not uncommon. While this can happen as a result of a variety of causes, operating system bugs, hardware failings, etc. , the more common reason is the negative influence of malware infections from online files. Ironically these malware may get on your system during the repair of the same files they affect by downloading from bad websites.

This damage is easily avoided by installing anti-virus software and using it to scan all downloaded files (especially dll files). Also, you should perform routine system scans daily, if possible or, if not, weekly. Such simple measures would prevent more than half of computer viral infections that cause damage to you system files.